Achieve your goals with Counselling & Psychotherapy

Have you experienced a (or a number of) traumatic event(s)? Are you worried about the feelings or thoughts you’ve been having? Are you afraid nobody will understand?

You are not alone. Help is at hand.

Do you feel like you need some new coping strategies, because the old ones don’t work as well anymore? Do you feel that nobody understands your reasons for wanting to live a different sort of life? This might leave you feeling surprised, angry, sad, afraid, disgusted and/or ashamed. And alone.

I can help you understand how your current emotional responses to difficult situations are connected to past experiences. I will work with you to identify and address the causes of your current difficulties. Together we will transform these responses into positive change for your future.

I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals. I am genuine and compassionate. I have a curious and empathic manner. I can offer you a healing counselling relationship, within which you can explore your thoughts and feelings, safe from judgement.

We will work together on what troubles you, at your pace. Helping you gain self-understanding and personal growth will be both an honour and a privilege for me.

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Transforming awareness and inspiring change through adult counselling and psychotherapy.